We’ve been a little quiet around here lately — But only because we’ve been hard at work on something extra special

Just over year ago, we released our first album, “Clean Slate”, and were thrilled by the response we received (from listeners all over the world)! It was truly a bucket-list thing, and a perfect way to kick off a new season in our band - and our family. Ever since, we’ve talked about songs, ideas and sounds, referencing “the next album”, “album two”, or “our next release” — always with some far-off dream date in the distance. 

But today we’re thrilled to announce that our next release is both a tangible reality, and coming in the very near-future!

We’ve spent the past week, writing, talking about, praying over and dreaming up these songs, and though it’s only been a few days since we kicked off this project, what we have written is already so special to us. 

So get ready, friends — new songs are on the way, and we are so so so excited that we’ll get to share them with you  soon

#AlbumTwo, let’s go! 

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Tell Scarlet Mary Davis Cory Shuman.jpg
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Tell Scarlet Band.jpg

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